Training events

As an Added Value Service, FTUK delivers high quality training on an extensive range of subject areas.  All courses are professionally delivered and FTUK is committed to ensuring that our training is an enjoyable learning experience that provides immediate benefits back into the workplace.

If you are interested in attending any of our courses or have a specific request in mind, please email your account manager or call us on 0845 456 1222.

Introduction to Hydraulics

A basic overview of a hydraulic system, exploring all the products and functions from the oil tank, to the motor and pump, to the working ram. This course is designed to provide the less experienced operator a better understanding of hydraulics, thus enabling them to be more confident when selecting products.

Introduction to Pneumatics

A basic understanding of pneumatic products and systems, understanding contamination, ISO symbols and recognising valves and cylinders by function/actuation and port size. Incorporates basic circuit training on pneumatic boards to give hands-on experience with the products.

Catalogue & New Products

​This course focuses on how to navigate through the catalogue, including a brief introduction to the new products. It also provides an opportunity to have hands-on experience with Flowtechnology UK’s exclusive brands