Say Hello to your Flowtechnology UK Southern Team


At Flowtechnology UK, we pride ourselves on the unrivalled level of service we provide to our customers and the expertise that our team have across all areas of the business.  At the core of our relationship with customers is of course, your Account Manager, who is there to knit everything together, so that your dealings with Flowtechnology UK are the best they possibly can be.

We recognise that every Account Manager has different skills and excel at different aspects of the role – whether that be communication, problem solving, liaising with other departments or quote production.  With this in mind we have formed a regional team* who will jointly manage your account. Formed and filled with Flowtechnology UK staff who, between them, tick all of the boxes above, the team will  give you the very best possible version of an account manager and also have  added convenience of being a team of 4 rather than a single point of contact who can only speak to one person at a time. Each member of the team will have full access to and knowledge of your account details, order history, discount structure etc. as held on our CRM system, ensuring that there is always someone available who knows and understands your business. The team will be made up of the following roles:

External Regional Manager: They are here to get closer to you and further support your business. They are here to unearth new opportunities to grow your business and are backed up by an office support team to ensure every visit results in a clear direction for action that needs to be taken, along with the resources to make it happen.

Proactive Outbound Manager: They will be doing the same job from the office that our External Manager will be doing on the outside. Flowtechnology UK want to speak to you about opportunities, understand your business needs and then provide solutions that actually benefit your company and the direction you wish to take.

Proactive Inbound Manager: Flowtechnology UK handles thousands of orders and tens of thousands of line items every day and ensuring we have the correct stock to match your needs is a clear KPI for Flowtechnology UK - our £8 million stock holding is testament to this. However every customer is different and your proactive inbound manager is here to make sure that we have the right stock to meet YOUR needs, keep on top of back ordered products, quote conversions and manage Flowtechnology UK’s internal systems to maintain optimal levels of services

Proactive Administrator: Clarity of communication is paramount in ensuring that you receive the best possible service. Having to contact companies multiple times for quotations to then find your supplied quote does not give you all of even the basic information required is a massive frustration. Your Proactive Administrator Flowtechnology UK will make sure that every quotation will contain all of the information that you need, they will also communicate sales statistics and manage the information we hold on our internal systems

Now it’s time to meet the Southern team…

Steven Bebb 
Steven is one of our Senior Business Development Managers and has been with the company for two years.  Prior to this, he gained vast experience within the fluid power industry, including over 15 years of technical sales in the pneumatic and process valves sector.
Email: stevenb@flowtechnologyuk.com

Kevin Norbury
Returning to Flowtechnology UK after a number of years working in Account Management in the Hazardous Waste sector, Kevin previously worked for Flowtechnology UK for 8 years in sales, merchandising and the call centre.
Email: knorbury@flowtechnologyuk.com

Adam Doney
Adam has worked in the hydraulics sector for number of years, including beginning his career as a fitter before spending over 13 years in sales and procurement where he worked extensively in marine hydraulics industry and also the food sector.
Email: adamd@flowtechnologyuk.com. Call Adam on 07976 438 200

Blaze Fraser
Blaze has a background in sales and having worked in both BDT and the Call Centre, has extensive knowledge on how to best use Flowtechnology UK’s systems to support customers.
Email: blazef@flowtechnologyuk.com

If there is anything the team can help you with, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the whole team via the following team email address and phone number:

Email: south@flowtechnologyuk.com or phone: 0330 002 1250

I am 100% positive that this structure will further enhance the support offering from Flowtechnology UK and although change does sometimes take time, the Flowtechnology UK Management Team are fully committed to supporting both our customers and our staff.  As a result, there will not be many hurdles or opportunities that we cannot convert into sales growth for our mutual benefit.

Alan Tyrer
Business Development Divisional Manager

*Please note, some accounts such as those which are branches or subsidiaries of a national organisation may have been allocated a regional team that covers where their head office is situated and not necessarily their own location.